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While at NYU, he taught undergraduate creative writing, curated the KBG Emerging Writers Reading Series, and worked as fiction editor for Washington Square Review. His first book, The Fry Pans Aren’t Sufficing, came out in May 2016. He also works in the Monroe Library as a Learning Technology Developer.

All English courses except ENGL 101, 115, and 205 count for the Humanities Elective in the Core and all except ENGL 210 Methods Workshop and ENGL 499 Senior Seminar are open to everyone. ENGL 221-01 Poetry ENGL 303-01 History of Literary Criticism ENGL 305-01 Professional Writing ENGL 309-01 Creative Writing: Poetry ENGL 309-02 Creative Writing: Poetry ENGL 319-01 Writing as Social Action ENGL 328-01 Gender, Religion, and Violence ENGL 352-01 African Literature ENGL 414-01 Tolkien ENGL 460-01 Love, Sex and Gender: Victorian Poetry ENGL 472-01 Modern Drama ENGL 479-01 Literature of the American West ENGL 221-01 Poetry TR – WILLIAMS CRN 11023 An historical survey of English language poetry from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. Emphasis on both the traditional poetic canon and challenges and omissions to it.

 221-01 Poetry

Plus, you’ll love that Fluent U comes with built-in progress tracking and classroom communication features. You can even design your curriculum straight from the platform. It’s a great way to get teen students’ attention in a fun—but productive!

The class stresses the close reading of literary texts. Back to List ENGL 303-01 History of Literary Criticism MWF – OTTUM CRN 13055 Why read books? ENGL 303 examines hot topics in contemporary criticism, tracing these debates to their historical roots.

On a sunny day Children doing homework with their mother. In the kitchen School children doing homework on grass. On a sunny day School children doing homework on grass. Online course creative writing university.

Some courses also count for the Writing Flag in the Core Curriculum. English majors and minors: See below for which courses fulfill which requirements. Click here for a list of all English courses by requirement Writing minors: See below for which courses fulfill requirements for the Writing Minor.

These and similar questions are at the heart of literary criticism, the art of responding to poetry, fiction, drama, and other literary forms.

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As you may know, Virginia Tech is one of the few universities in the country that offers such a specialized degree for the construction industry.

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