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The topics include sexual assault/rape, domestic violence, sex work, and sex trafficking. The disciplinary approach is linguistic with an emphasis on institutional (particularly religious) and popular discourse analyses.

70–79 Excellence in understanding and presentation of appropriate material; some originality of thought in the context of the task; excellent quality of argument and / or creative technique; performance overall considered to overcome minor shortcomings or potential for improvement.

The theoretical approach is feminist/intersectional-that is, grounded in how gendered violence is disproportionately experienced with respect to different incomes, race/ethnicities, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc. The pedagogical customwriting-s.com/about_us.php approach centers opportunity for contemplative practices, including meditation,visualization, deep listening, bearing witness, and journaling. Back to List ENGL 352-01 African Literature TR – CLINE-BAILEY CRN 14089 A survey of the literature produced by Africans, this course will focus on historical, cultural, and thematic connections, while also paying close attention to factors which influence African authors both as individuals and part of literary movements.

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After cutting out a mustache and taping or pasting it to a stick, pass the mustache around. Whoever’s holding the mustache under their nose gets to ask the class a question. Students take turns answering and then passing around the mustache.

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While it’s true that the Wild West is associated with iconic images and legends (gunfights at high noon, outlaws, wagon-train attacks, saloons with bat-wing doors), the literature we will read questions the authenticity of that representation of our history as much as it recognizes the appeal of the myths stemming from the romanticized West. The American West is a place of fantastic natural beauty, and landscape is central to this literature; but the concept of top facts about dreams essay the West is also a major contributor to our sense of national identity.

The website is a free online resource for writers and poets­ – whether they are emerging or established, traditionally published, self-published ­or not yet published – who are looking for neutral and best practice information about writing in the digital age in order to inform their practice and career choices. The Writing Platform launched in spring 2013 in collaboration with Kate Pullinger and The Literary Platform. Since 2016 it has been edited by Kate Pullinger and Donna Hancox in association with Queensland University of Technology and Bath Spa University. It has received external funding from the National Lottery, NALD and Arts Council England.

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