Over the 23 years I have been an estate agent I’ve conducted over a hundred open houses, they are hard work but the benefits to the client can be fantastic!

An open house is where, for perhaps three hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon a seller’s property is open to the public and manned by one of our experienced sales team.

Prior to the open house a lot of work needs to be done. We will advertise the property in the newspaper as an open house the Wednesday before, change the property websites description to advertise the event, send out invitations to all buyers registered in the price range letting them know about the open house, phone out the property booking viewings at appointed times and even put up flags, bunting and balloons to really draw attention to the event. You really want to create a ‘buzz’.

Our first open house took place on the 28th of January where we made eight viewings on the property which took place over a two hour period, as a result we received four offers and have managed to agree a sale £7000 above the asking price! As you can imagine our client is very happy, as not only did they achieve a better price, they no longer have to keep their home spotless waiting for the next viewing to take place.

We’ve had an excellent start to the year with sales to date doubling what was achieved in 2011 and with high levels of buyers registering we feel this will continue in the coming weeks. If you would like to talk to me or members of our team, please call on 01275 872238 or email your enquiry to


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