George Greenock assesses the spin-off benefits of our summer of sport

Written by  George Greenock.

A quiet summer for selling houses has in part been put down to the impact of the Olympic Games.

We have found, however, that the market has picked up again in the last few weeks.

After the Olympics and Paralympics this summer you can really feel the effect it has had on so many people.

Cycling was one of Team GB’s strongest events with so many successes in the many different disciplines.

Recently the Tour of Britain, with a number of big names, cut through the county, inspiring many more and bringing some of the Olympics spirit out into the Norfolk countryside.

I look at the Olympics and its legacy and try to see what other impact both Games have had. Another area where Team GB also performed well, with a number of successes, was in the equestrian events with many top-class performances in both the Olympics and Paralympics.

This, in its own way, is having a positive effect on equestrian properties with there being more demand for top facilities such as indoor schools and all-weather surfaces.

Many riders and equestrian event organisers would agree that the biggest problem is creating a safe and sound surface for the horse to work and compete on.

We have recently taken instructions to let a Licensed Training Yard inSouth Norfolkwhich has recently been upgraded to keep up with modern demand.

It has 22 boxes, a three-bedroom cottage, a 20m x 40m indoor school with a fibre and wax surface and a covered horse walker with a rubber brick floor.

It also has an impressive mile-and- a-quarter oval grass gallop with a dirt track running along the inside for dry spells in the summer.

Even in these tricky financial
times when the cost of keeping a horse is very high, owners of racehorses and eventers may
have cut back on the number they own but are now incentivised following the Olympics to spend more on new purchases to live
the dream of a star-studded
future. This adds to the emphasis on the quality of the facilities and the environment where they train.

Following all the positive coverage of the Olympics, all sports are seeing an increase in participation at the basic level which will hopefully see success feed through to the top so we may see an upsurge in demand for swimming pools and tennis courts.

We have already seen at large events like Burghley increased attendance to the Three Day

Event at the beginning of September with the large crowds all wanting to witness the talent
of some of the big names of
Team GB. Hopefully this increase in the feel-good factor will continue well into the future.

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