Act quickly to market your property says Sheron Harley

Written by Sheron Harley.

Here at The Property Shop we are having an amazing September, with sales coming thick and fast. 

We had started thinking at the end of August things would quieten down, but how wrong we were.

It is heart-warming to see the number of ‘sold subject to contract’ boards around at the moment. 

Now is an ideal time to be marketing your property, in order to move before the end of the year.

My advice is, if you are considering putting your house on the  market, but thought you would wait for the new year, contact  your local estate agent, get your property on the market, and beat the crowds. 

Once Christmas is over, traditionally, there is a flood of new properties coming onto the market, so if you really want to sell your house with fewer competing properties, go for it! 

We are offering our vendors low fees, thus reducing moving costs and making it more viable to
move home.

The reason we are able to do this is because properties are selling faster, reducing our overheads

so we can afford to pass this reduction in costs on to our vendors. 

The good news is 95pc mortgages at attractive rates are now available and with competitive house prices now could not be a better time to buy.

Additionally, we can outline the costs involved in the moving process and, most importantly, with the use of the latest computer technology, help guide you towards the best lender and mortgage products for your mortgage needs. 

This service brings convenience, saving you time and hopefully money too!

Here at the Property Shop we have excellent local and regional knowledge, and are recognised and respected in the local community we serve, having developed long-term relationships with local businesses and suppliers – crucial to the
smooth transaction of your property. 

Please feel free to contact us at the Property Shop for any assistance you need in finding your new home or to arrange an informal discussion about your mortgage requirements. 

We would love to help!

Sheron Harley is managing director of the Property Shop on 01493 752100.

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