Getting your home to pole position!

Written by Collette Hanlon.

For many years, probably from the time that my brother worked for Team Lotus, I have associated the start of the Formula One season with spring.

It is traditionally the starting grid for the property selling season, and judging by the level of inquiries that we are dealing with at Home Stagers, this year looks like no exception to the rule. Preparation at the start of the season is the key to success.

Starting with the exterior appearance, it is vital to clear away all the winter debris, whether cleaning the patio or removing surplus building materials, if you are aiming for an Easter launch. This principle applies to all ends of the market; from the kerb your property should look polished and spotless. Go that extra mile and stop potential buyers from driving by with an injection of vibrant colour from spring flowers.

Then turn your attention to the interior. We see properties from a vast range of price brackets and the message is essentially the same; “good presentation will increase desirability”.

For most of us, buying and selling a home will involve the largest transaction of money in our lives. A buyer wants to see a desirable deal – either a property they will fall in love with or a deal they can’t refuse. A vendor wants a great deal too, the best asking price and a quick sale. Your chosen estate agents are your marketing team, but they need a fantastic product to create the best marketing campaign. Great photos will pay dividends and increase viewings so be objective, take time and get superb photos. If you are not happy with them and they don’t show your property at its best, employ a professional photographer – this is your marketing campaign, and it’s worth it.

If you want to burn off the competition at the first bend, price your property to sell and listen to your chosen agent, who should know what a realistic selling price is in the current market, along with providing you with a unique marketing plan that you should have confidence in.

When you have all these factors lined up and you are ready for the green light, just ensure you know which direction you are heading in!  You should consider yourself as part of this team too, so you need to be up with the pace with the marketing plan so you can help with the drive. Don’t get left in the pits. Enabling the 3 P’s – Presentation, Price and Promotion – means you should start in pole position with a professional team and finish with the chequered flag!

 Collette Hanlon SBID is a Norwich-based interior designer and creative director. at Home Stagers which specialises in “staging to sell” bespoke show homes, show home rental furniture and property presentation. For more information call Collette on 0800 542 8 952 or visit

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