Downturn in property? What downturn!

By Steve Pymm of Pymm & Co

The national press are talking about a downturn in the economy, however here at Pymm and co we have just had a really busy January with lots of new applicants registering looking to find a new home and lots of potential sellers requesting valuations. My personal view is that here in Norwich not only are we really lucky to live in such a lovely city but we also tend to buck the national trend when it comes to the property market. Norwich has lots of potential growth for the

future which can only mean that it is a good place to invest for the long term in the local property market . We have seen an increased number of applicants registering from outside of Norwich both across the eleven different websites that we advertise on hear at Pymm And Co and via our Mayfair office link . Positive things happening locally includes the growing retail sector, the redevelopment of urban brownfill sites, lots of business parks springing up around the perimeter of the city and all of the potential land outside of Norwich, spreading out to the county some of which has already been ear marked for future development. All we need now is interest rates to stay as they are and we will continue on the road to recovery throughout 2011.

Steve Pymm is on 01603 305805.

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