Are the new crime maps going to help sell your home?

By Archant property correspondent Caroline Culot

So, what do people think about the new crime maps? Will they have any impact on buying or selling properties, I wonder? Agents (see the blog by Alastair Brown from Strutt & Parker) are already digesting the information and so far reckon the maps, which brought the police website crashing to a halt earlier this week, won’t have much effect. Agents are saying they think people already search on the internet to research areas before choosing to view a property.

Personally,  once the furore died down and I could actually get on the site,  I put my postcode in to find in my area there had been 66 incidents of anti social behaviour, one robbery and 18 incidents of violent crime.  Most of these had, I’m afraid to say, occurred on a certain estate which is some distance from my house.

I live in the city and accept that crime exists however, I do feel safe at night and I know my neighbours and consider it a great place to live and raise a family. Someone looking at the crime statistics may not think so which makes me think we all need to treat such figures with some caution. Would it be enough to put off someone from buying a property? I think it possibly could be and in the current climate when it’s hard enough to get the price you want for your home, I don’t think this new police site is going to be doing our estate agents any favours.

Knowledge is power, so they say so why do I feel so powerless over what the police has just released about where I live?

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