Why not to delay putting your house up for sale

By Jonathan Wood, head of residential at Bidwells in Norwich

With the needles on the Christmas tree holding on for dear life after a hectic few weeks and hopes that you will find that lost Christmas present that for some reason went missing on Christmas day, attentions turn to taking down  the decorations and trying to remove the Christmas tree from the house in one piece.  It’s nearly at the door with only a few needles on the floor until the last minute when it decides to shed them all in one go so you are just left with a very bald tree and a pile of needles on the floor. Once cleared up, thoughts turn to ‘New Year’  ‘New House’. As we left 2010, continuous reports in the media indicated that there was a decline on the amount of properties coming to the market at the end of 2010. Whilst perhaps there is an element of truth with this as who really wants to put their house on the open market in the bad weather, many prospective buyers fail to realise that some agents use their initiative and offer properties in to the market on a low key basis. This saves on over exposure during the winter months and the potential of a property sticking in a spring market.  In fact many properties achieve a sale this way.  You may find a buyer who is prepared to pay a premium to keep the property from going to the open market, or you may find there is a limited amount of active buyers looking at this time.  By placing your property in the open market this in theory should broaden the net and may even spark the enthusiasm from someone who may not be thinking of moving until they noticed your house so my advice is to listen to your agent. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Obtain a few appraisals to see the different approaches from the agents and more importantly check to see if the suggested marketing values are consistent. Try to pick an agent that you feel is suited to the market you are in and more importantly a team behind it that you trust and can work with. A property move is probably one of the most expensive transactions you will spend your money on, so getting it right is essential.  You may not always like what they have to say, but they are at the coal face of the market and they do know what they are doing. Happy New Year.

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