Interior design tips for the New Year

By Collette Hanlon of Home Stagers

I confess to being one of those people that really look forward to January! It is not just the promise of lengthening days and emerging spring flowers it is the whole idea of a new beginning, a fresh start; like a crisp white page in a new drawing pad. I have long abandoned the concept of making New Year resolutions in favour of a New Year Plan which seems infinitely more exciting and positive. Along with family holidays I like to plan the garden, which I hasten to add is always more optimistic than the eventual outcome and redesign at least one room at home.  I will be the first to admit that interior designers are not the easiest people to live with as we constantly seek the best furniture layout, the perfect storage solution, the most durable flooring, and the most divine light fittings!  Thankfully, I am sure my family agree, my job enables me to extend my creative skills to beyond the confines of the Hanlon household to advise others how to optimise their properties to suit their lives or to successfully present them for sale. Many people feel that this time of the year is not the best time to market their homes, but here at Home Stagers we have always held the firm belief that many properties can positively benefit from winter viewings.  By focusing on the interior and creating a warm, inviting and cosy layout that feels like home really helps potential buyers to envisage moving in.  If they can’t visualise themselves living in a home they won’t buy – it’s a fact!

However, for me empty properties are like that blank white page, I can instantly see the potential and it never fails to enthuse and inspire me! For most potential buyers an empty property is a daunting prospect, they cannot see the function of the rooms and they cannot visualise their furniture in place.  Buyers today are well informed, have high aspiration so it is important for a seller not only to meet but exceed buyer’s expectations.

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