News on asking prices

By Ian Harris, of Watsons in Norwich

Reports show that new asking prices jumped an astonishing 3.1pc over the last month! This follows last months hot news from the Halifax showing a 3.6pc fall in the average prices of properties across the UK in September. There is now likely to be a highly confusing debate over how and why these figures have been arrived at and it will be interesting to see what the Land Registry, RICS, the Nationwide, the NAEA and the host of other bodies have to say on the

matter, as they release their data! I’m not sure how on-line valuation providers deal with this conflicting data – rather them than me!

So whats my point?

Something is only worth what someone is to pay for it and if you need valuation advice the best source of advice a good, professional, local estate agent will knows the market for your type of property because he or she is speaking daily with the buyers who will ultimately buy your property.

Ian is on 01603 619916.

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