Why de-cluttering is just not enough

By Collette Hanlon of Home Stagers, based in Norwich

At Home Stagers we all too often see homes that have been de-cluttered to within an inch of their walls. There are however two ends to the spectrum; so much chaos and clutter that you can’t get into the rooms and so de-cluttered that the rooms are totally devoid of character.  These homes can be strangely unsettling to view, leaving the viewer with an uncomfortable feeling that they can’t pin point.  Obviously creating any negative vibes around a sale is going to contradict your objective. Moving home is a great time to have a good clear out and edit your belongings …but don’t stop there!  Once you have tackled this initial task think carefully about each room and how you could style it.  Work with the architecture to maximise positive features, a few chosen pieces can make a room more comfortable and appealing. When styling a room it can help to visualise a room for a magazine shoot; is the furniture placement going to enhance the proportions of the room and define its function clearly? Are there points of interest within the room for the eye to settle on, and does it look inviting and homely?  All these considerations will create ‘lifestyle images’ for your target market appeal.  There is a fine line between what to leave in and what to edit out and there are no hard and fast rules. The look and feel of a home has to be intuitive.  Furniture alone can look austere and unwelcoming.  Fashion has now moved beyond the minimal hard lines and even contemporary settings should include an element of character, beauty and comfort.

Finally, I believe every room has to have an ‘AHHH factor’, this doesn’t necessarily translate to big expensive statement pieces, it can simply be a vintage jug full of fresh flowers gathered from the garden placed with a treasured book!

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