When is the price really right?

 By Dan Crawley of Aldreds in Yarmouth

Almost all (97pc) of Home Sale Network members indicated that it was either ‘critical’ or ‘important’ that vendors set the correct asking price as soon as they put their homes up for sale. Furthermore, when survey respondents were asked what their buyers value most when viewing potential properties, the majority (56pc) indicated it was a realistic asking price. This would suggest that the property market is accessible to both buyers and sellers but price is key. As Home Sale Network consists of specially selected, independent estate agents across England, Scotland and Wales it is able to provide a good indication of the importance of asking prices when selling a property. As our Home Sale Network survey indicates, with so much competition out there at the moment, it’s essential that vendors are realistic when setting their asking prices.

*Dan Crawley can be contacted on 01493 664600.

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