Under the Hammer

By Peter Hornor, auctioneer and chartered surveyor with Brown & Co in Norwich

These auction sales do take over one’s life to a certain extent.  The last few weeks appear to have seen a lot of media activity regarding the market, or this may mean that I have been reading the newspaper too much! Are prices going up or down, or are we to expect a level period for the short to medium term – it is anyone’s guess really but our experience is that there is a lot of activity throughout the price ranges.  Our current auction catalogue is attracting a great deal of interest and attention and I gather this is the same with other auction houses, which is a good thing.  Whatever is happening in the market then, the key appears to be realistic assessment with sensible guide prices.For buyers and sellers alike the market, location and condition are critical and for us these factors enable us to come up with sensible and realistic advice, subject to objectives.  Whatever we do, the market will dictate what we can achieve and this is despite what the media may come up with. We are keen to help and continue to expand on the beauty of the auction sale and how it might be able to help you. 

*You can contact Peter on 01603 629871.

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