How to add that je ne sais quoi to your home

By Jan Hytch of Arnolds in Norwich

Here’s a few tips gained from years of experience, that will add that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to appeal to prospective purchasers:

De-clutter. This is probably the first rule of presenting any home at its best. We all accumulate possessions, and we get used to them being around until we often don’t notice they’re there. An abundance of ‘stuff’ around the place makes it difficult for potential buyers to see through to all that your home offers. With too much furniture and belongings around, it may appear smaller, darker and have less space than it actually has. Put things away, or pack them up ready for the move and store them. (If you’re in the habit of leaving your vacuum cleaner on the landing because it’s convenient to do so, it might suggest to you viewer that there’s not enough storage space in the house for things like that).

Make sure every room looks like it has a function and purpose. Although you may be using the dining room mainly as a study, relocate any utilitarian office equipment such as filing cabinets etc into the garage, clear away the paper and files, and set the table, adding fresh flowers if you can.

If your home looks loved and cared for, it will appeal even more to prospective buyers. Make sure that the windows have been cleaned both inside and out, and that there is no condensation mould build up in the corners of the window frames.

Open windows and doors – especially patio doors that lead into the garden.  Not only will this bring in fresh air to the house, it also gives the impression of extending the house accommodation into the garden, with the suggestion of warm summer evenings on the patio.

Keep your garden tidy, so it looks like it’s a joy rather then a bind to maintain. If it doesn’t have much colour, you can add instant colour with hanging baskets and pots from your local nursery. This time of year they are mature and gloriously full – and often discounted in price! Water the garden well, if you can, so your lawn and flower beds don’t look brown and forlorn.

Finally, your lovely dogs and/or cats … lovely to some of us, but may be off-putting – or even scary – to potential viewers and their children. Lots of people have dust and fur allergies these days, and we have seen people walk away from properties they like because they can’t feel sure they will be able to eliminate the strong presence of the pets that live there at the moment! Remove every trace of pet fur from the carpets and furnishings. Remove the dog’s water bowl or the half eaten cat food on the floor, just for the duration of the viewing.  Put the pet beds out of the way.

There are of course many other things you can do depending on your home and location, that can increase interest and even improve the sale price of your house. Sometimes its hard to see yourself what needs to be done, because you’re so close to it.

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