From loft apartments to holiday homes…

By Collette Hanlon of Home Stagers, based in Norwich

Home Stagers work on a wide variety of projects and last month was certainly no exception! From a unique duplex apartment in a converted industrial building in London which has records dating back to the 17th C to holiday lets in Norfolk my job certainly keeps me on my toes. The loft space in London has vast open plan living spaces which require bold statement pieces of furniture to really define the function of each area into zones.  Naturally all these zones have to flow to achieve a design that is both cohesive and works on all levels. The target market is young professional city workers in a high income bracket, design savvy, and time starved!  On my initial site visit to this property the tenants were still in residence, my objective is to really see beyond the tenants belongings and lifestyle and look at the potential of the space through the eyes of the potential buyers. I ask myself simple questions; What would buyers really hope to see inside this apartment, how will they utilise this space and what can I do to really maximise the marketing potential here to gain maximum exposure?  The result is a bold designer led living space using sculptural shapes and iconic statement pieces.  The apartment was immediately used for a marketing shoot by the Estate Agents which is great news for the clients with the Agent coming on board as a “Chosen Agent” to promote Home Staging services at valuation and pre-market appraisal stage – there be yet another estate agent joining the growing trend that are realising the worth of presentation of homes they are about to sell. Holiday lets and holiday cottages seem to be flavour of the month at the moment with increasing numbers of people opting to holiday at home and Norfolk growing in popularity as an attractive destination with a lot to offer.  The internet is the key marketing tool to keep the bookings coming in but beware, holiday makers will shop for cottages and apartments and ruthlessly eliminate the average or less with a click of a button as standards that holiday makers are looking for are rising all the time. Camping aside, most want to relax on holiday in comfortable and stylish surroundings that are at least equal to or above what they have at home.  The boutique hotel market has raised the bar in the past decade and if landlords are looking to compete with this successful market then they have to provide a level of design and luxury that is comparable. 

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