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Before work today, I spotted on the internet a great feature about badly spelt signs caught on camera and it made me think of some of the common errors I see in property details. A Juliet balcony often becomes a Juliette or Guliette/Giuliette one and then there’s gravelled and graveled as well as kitchen which more often reads litchen (a keyboard error surely.) But it’s not always estate agents who make mistakes – Mike Rix from Savills reminded me today of a hilarious gaff made, dare I say it, by a chap who was at the time an EDP reporter. This chap, who shall remain nameless, was covering for me once when I was off sick and wrote up a fabulous Savills house. He made a great job apart from his description of its interior, stating it was painted throughout in….Cannon & Ball!! It actually did get published.

And I, myself, although I like to pride myself on good spelling and grammar, was once caught out by the old favourite horsey term, a manege/menage.

I copied menage from some particulars into an article once only for an eagle-eyed reader to write in correcting me – in correspondence which made the letters page. I felt a bit small but in fact that word was the very last one in my article so it proved at least one person got to the end! If you are confused, a manege is an area for training horses, a menage is a collection of animals – literally a menagerie – but surely, couldn’t you get a menage in a manege?!

Ok – tonight I am out again first to a very important evening hosted by Cozens-Hardy in aid of the Big C charity (it’s a ladies style night so hopefully I’ll glean a few tips) and then it’s onto an annual favourite, the EDP/Bidwells Moveable Feast. You begin at one restaurant for your starter then walk to another for your main and finish up at a third venue for your pudding. It’s great fun and you walk off all those calories

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– which means you really can indulge.

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