First impressions do count!

By Nick Eley, chairman of the Norwich & District Association of Estate Agents and a partner with Watsons

Reports from the RICS and Hometrack suggest the property market is changing.

Talking to members of the Norwich & District Association of Estate Agents confirms there are more properties coming to market and with demand running at similar levels it does demand more realistic asking prices and a need for home owners to be more open minded when negotiating.

Ultimately of course if you sell for less, you will buy for less, all things being equal, what we must not do is talk ourselves into believing the wheels are coming off the wagon! And this of course is where a good quality proactive and experienced estate agent will really earn his commission. As property owners selling you have a leading role in the successful sale of your home regardless of the market. This of course starts with the presentation of your home.

First impressions really do count and research shows most buyers make their decision about a property within the first few minutes of viewing. Many house hunters will look from the road before committing themselves to viewing on the inside so this is the best place to start. Go out onto the road and look at your home. It maybe as simpler as weeding borders, mowing the lawn sweeping the drive and hide those dreadful wheelie bins! The outside of the property must be as spick and span as possible and in particular the front door, it must look smart so consider a re-paint and new door furniture. Colour always helps so a couple of hanging baskets or tubs by the front door will also look good in the agents photographs. Many of us have a spare room that often becomes the dumping ground for everything without a natural home! When you come to sell, this room is worth tackling first so think about your target market – who is your most likely buyer? This will determine if you present the room as a study, dressing room, playroom or study.

Nick Eley is at Watsons on 01603 619916.

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  1. Caroline Culot says:

    Well done, Nick, an informative blog as usual.

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