Don’t let your agent bully you!

By Chris Mitchell, managing director of Howards in Norfolk

With interest from prospective purchasers increasing almost by the day, the ability to obtain a satisfactory mortgage is rapidly becoming the major determinant for many people who are now looking to acquire a home. This is the case particularly for a first-time buyer, where a large depositis unavailable. The requirement to have a sizeable deposit to obtain a competitive mortgage rate is currently working against

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many first-time buyers, who find that while they can secure a mortgage, the interest rate is excessive, being many percentage points above and beyond the base rate. In these circumstances, it is imperative that purchasers obtain appropriate financial advice. Competitive deals are available, however, these are often short lived and if particularly attractive, over subscribed within weeks if not days of being announced.

Please ensure that you obtain some sound financial advice, but don’t let your agent bully you into accepting services that you neither require, or in some cases, can afford.

Chris is on 01603 858292.Chris is on 01603 858292.

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