Why you should buy new

By Mathew Forster, development manager of Landingpad, a new homes and land centre based in Norwich

Lacking character, soulless, boring, dull, all the same etc, etc, etc…all these accusations have been levelled at new homes – and far more besides, probably not suitable for publication here…but have you ever considered the other side of the coin…build guarantees; warranties; nice, shiny, brand new appliances and a kitchen unspoilt by somebody else’s messy cooking; warm, snug, heat-efficient, economical and now, in this day and age, increasingly “green”…. Moving on, why buy – and I appreciate

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I’m going to incur the wrath of the character seeking individualists, who just love the roses around the door et al, and of whom more later – a drafty, second-hand (at best), used pile of bricks, wood, tiles and slates, decorated to someone else’s taste, almost certainly needing work, tender-loving care and cash, when the alternative is new, fresh, untouched, up-to-date and unused? Add into this equation the probability that nice Mr Developer may be offering you some mouth-watering goodies, such as your choice of nice new carpets, tiles, kitchens; maybe your deposit paid, or some help with those hefty fees that are always difficult to find; even a choice of wall colours to help you individualise your home – it’s not necessarily just magnolia and white gloss anymore you know. Then, of course, you have to remember that, buy a brand new home from a reputable builder, they wont pull out or change their mind or, providing you meet the agreed timescales, sell the house you thought was yours to somebody else after you’ve had your offer accepted, incurred costs and got all excited. If you’re lucky, these frightfully obliging chaps may even offer to buy your house if you haven’t sold it yet. You have to admit that, all of a sudden, buying a brand new home does have it’s upsides and advantages…some would say it’s almost a no-brainer…Now, moving back to the roses-around-the-door brigade, I’ll be the first to admire and understand the appeal of character-filled, beautiful, soulful, historic homes – I’ve bought them and lived in them all my life – but one does have to ask in this day and age, with the way of life so many of us have, are new home the most sensible, straight-forward way to moving either onto the property ladder or moving up it? I know that my next purchase will most probably be brand new…I don’t want the hassle of maintenance, mega-heating and electricity bills. Having to paint the soffits and gutters every five years is a seriously over-rated pastime and I can now live without the need of having to do it and that’s before we get anywhere near the redecoration of windows and front doors! And, I have to say, designs are improving, for the individualists out there, desperate to be different, there are exclusive one-off new homes offering the very best of both worlds and this is only going to continue.

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