Tips to have fun by staying in at home…

By Jon Gibbs, sales director for developers Charles Church, 

At our flagship development Fellowes Plain in Norwich our beautiful apartments incorporate inviting lounge areas and dining rooms for entertaining, and with many people now choosing to host friends and family at home to save money rather than an expensive night out, try some of these tips to make the most of staying in. Host a film night. Invite a group of friends over and ask everyone to bring a film of their choice and a bag of popcorn.  Start up a book-sharing club. It’s a cheaper alternative to buying new copies and gives you the chance to catch-up with friends without the cost of a night out. Begin your very own ‘come-dine with me’ competition. Invite a group of friends/family to join in and start planning your meals. For birthday’s/special events try one of the at home parties such as a wine tasting. Create your own cocktail bar. Dig out a selection of different drinks recipes and choose an evening to invite people round to sample them. Arrange a games night. The old favourites like Scrabble and Monopoly are still a fun way to pass the time. Buy an at home exercise DVD and start keeping fit with friends without spending money every month on gym membership. Try learning to bake. Not only will you be very popular at work and at home but a home-made cake can make a great Birthday present. Or take up a new hobby. There are hundreds of products out there to help you and friends learn new talents from dance DVD’s to CD’s teaching you a new language. Or why not try your hand at painting?

The number of people choosing to stay in is on the increase at the moment so people won’t be alone if they do decide to entertain at home. Hopefully our tips will spark off some good ideas to make staying in as much fun as going out.

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