When Charles met Catwoman…

By Charles Bycroft, partner of Bycroft Residential, based in Yarmouth, pictured below, left. 

Sometimes you get up in the morning and you just know it isn’t going to be a good day.  You’re not sure why but you just have a feeling of apprehension. I recall this experience well over 30 years ago at a cottage out of the county of Norfolk, but I thought you might like to hear it!

It was on such a day that I went to visit “cat woman”.   Before my appointment I didn’t know her as “cat woman” but simply as Mrs Smith. My property appraisal form told me I was going to look at a 3 bedroom cottage on half an acre.  It sounded quite appealing. I guess I should have read the warning signs as I strolled along the path to the front door.  I didn’t actually count the number of cats but I suppose there were around 15 or 20 dotted about the gardens.   I entered the cottage via the kitchen and was somewhat bemused to find every work surface covered in cats. I was then ushered into a dining room and supposed that the rather unpleasant smell and the fact that my feet were sticking to the carpet were not unrelated. Beyond the dining room was the sitting room.  I accepted the invitation to sit down rather too quickly.  The arms of the club chair were distinctly damp – with what I could only hazard a guess – but I think you know what I mean! The next major mistake was to accept a cup of tea.  God only knows what cultures were growing in the cracks and chips in the cup.  Fortunately Mrs Smith left the room for just long enough to enable me to empty my cup into the aspidistra pot. By this time my sinuses were begining to go numb and I was developing a nasty taste at the back of my throat. Usually I’m very keen to list a new property however I was most relieved when Mrs Smith took umbridge at my “low” valuation and showed me the door. I love my job and realized long ago that you need the Mrs Smiths of this world to make you appreciate the rest of your clients.  Ho-hum it’s all in a day’s work.

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