High street estate agents versus the internet – a contest?

By Simon West of West estate agents in Gorleston, Norfolk

PIC04953Much has been said over the past three or four years about the advantages and disadvantages of sellers looking to new avenues to sell their home. After all we are always told that “selling your home is your biggest ever transaction.” So, with that in mind, there are some people who have looked into the possibility of selling privately, considering one of the number of online companies who offer a service. With the success of sites such as eBay, it is not surprising that there has been a number who have done just that. It is very noticeable however, that this method of selling a home hasn’t really caught on. Many of the sites set up to offer a private selling service are no longer around and even Tesco decided it was not for them in 2008.

Why is this? It may have been considered that with estate agents still being seen as unpopular least tried to sell via the online companies without using an agent. Often, they will have their property on that company’s website, which most people will not know about and be sent or delivered a for sale

board which they may have to erect themselves. That’s just about where the service ends. There will be no press advertising to speak either. It just doesn’t end there though, as the real work starts for agents when a sale is proceeding!

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