Ditch the blow-up Santa this year!

 Home Stagers by Collette Hanlon

Collette Hanlon cutCelebrate this Christmas in style and natural comfort without breaking the bank! 

The good news is, and let’s face it, we all need some, this year’s trend for festive decorations are natural, pared down and organic.  Scents and aromatic spices add a lovely ambience, and much nicer if they are the real deal and not synthetic. 

Create a fabulous warm welcome at your door by making your own wreath – it is very cost effective and adds a much nicer festive flourish.  Simply gather a variety of  evergreen foliage and berries from the garden, make lots of small bunches and arrange them into a foam florists wreath base; this can then be embellished with fruit like apples and small oranges and bunches of cinnamon sticks, keep it well watered and it lasts a good three weeks.

Decorate Christmas trees with clusters for a more opulent effect without expense; tie together three coordinating baubles with ribbon and foliage or maybe white twigs for a more contemporary effect.  The result is more sophisticated, less random and revives vintage decorations!

Rustic baskets heaped with logs or cones add a fabulous textural element in the fireplace or porch that stir up an innate sense of wellbeing in the winter.  Church pillar candles look amazing inside large glass vases with green spruce and ivy wound around the inside base and create a magical festive glow.

Be an eco-angel this Christmas – keep outdoor lights subtle and low key unless you want to look like Great Yarmouth sea front and ditch the blow up Santa forever!  This doesn’t mean eliminate the fun and sparkle element for children, on the contrary, why not create a Christmas tree full of decorations that they have made over the years, the memories are far more precious…

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