A challenging year for house builders

By Tony Abel of Abel Homes in Norfolk 

tony abel resizedUsually the period before Christmas is slow in the house selling business, but to our surprise, the summer momentum has not been lost, and we sold more houses in November than in any other month this year. December is also likely to be in second place. The Stamp Duty holiday, which ends on December 31, has undoubtedly been responsible for some enhancement in sales, but the market remains quite firm and we have reservations with deposits for new homes that will not be ready until the Spring. Given the uncertainty that we have all had this year, I am so pleased that we will be finishing on a good note.

As house builders we interface with so many authorities and organisations throughout the year, often with protracted discussions and negotiations, as the Government seems unceasing in its efforts to make all of our lives more difficult with yet more regulation and legislation. So this is a good time to recognise the hard work of all those in the Public Sector who work so hard to reconcile simple common sense with the latest Government directive, and to say thank you for striking the balance so that we can get on with the all-important task of building much needed new homes.

No doubt the new year will bring a new set of challenges. A potential change of Government could bring a raft of new housing policy.


Tony Abel is managing director of Abel Homes, which has continued building new homes in Norfolk throughout the year. You can find out more at


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