Lettings agents go the extra mile

By Mike White of Martin & Co Lettings in Norwich

SF_01_.jpgThe City of Norwich Half Marathon this year is bound to fall on a cold, wet, miserable day (in line with all the others since the race became a winter one a few years ago) but I’ll be safe in the knowledge that I will have trained sufficiently to lumber all the way round, barring injury. I’ll be hoping (but doubting) to beat my son, Matt for whom this will be his first half marathon. Normally, we work well together in our family owned, Martin & Co lettings business,  but come Race Day, we’ll be battling it out against one another and the other 3,000 or so runners. We’ve competed against one another a few times this year, mostly in local 10k events but in July, we went head to head in the infamous Tough Guy Challenge which allegedly is the longest, toughest assault course outside of that faced by the Navy Seals in America. Needless to say Matt finished before me and I am keen to redress the balance.

I’ve been following the training schedule set out in the EDP’s half marathon blog and last weekend together with my regular running buddy, Bob, we did 15 miles, hence why I think I’m ready. You may be wondering where this is leading to and what connection running has with residential lettings? Well, as we were pounding the miles along the beautiful Marriott’s Way and we were running a little too fast to both talk and breathe, I was musing at how alike marathon running and lettings are. With both you have to be fully trained, fit for purpose, work in a team, be motivated, set and achieve goals and, if you’re a serious competitor, be prepared to go the extra mile. With the business environment now being as challenging as it has ever been, it really is a case of the fittest surviving. At Martin & Co in Norwich, we’ve had a very successful year so far and we’re keen to grow our business either organically or by acquisition, so if you’re reading this and you have a lettings business where you’d like to pass the baton into a safe pair of hands, you should give us a call.

For more information please call Mike at Martin & Co., on 01603 766860 at 13 St Giles Street Norwich

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