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By Jamie Jamieson, private buying consultant for Bidwells in Norwich 

JamieJamieson_cutI was watching the Remembrance Service recently and found myself shocked at the number of soldiers who have lost their lives in the war with Afghanistan – not to mention the numbers who have been wounded.  It made me realise just how courageous our men and women are who are fighting in these far away places, and puts everything in to perspective.  It is humbling to say the least.  However much one may approve or disapprove of the war, I definitely feel we must support our troops in their tremendous effort.  I know the charity Help for Heroes does a magnificent job in raising funds and indeed Bidwells help in some way – as was seen in the organisation of the Norfolk Dog Day at Sennowe.  We read and hear about the awful events in Afghanistan on a daily basis but few of us actually take action to help in some way, or make a personal challenge to do something.  I have a friend, Ed Parker, whose nephew Harry was injured and nearly lost his life but was lucky enough to survive.  He is twenty six years old but has tragically lost both his legs as a result of his injuries.  Ed has started a charity called ‘Walking with the Wounded’ to raise much needed funds to help the wounded service men and women when they leave the Armed Forces, especially with their retraining to reintegrate in to a world that has changed hugely for them.  The patron is HRH Prince Harry and I will find out more about this worthwhile cause.  It is Ed’s aim to walk unsupported to the North Pole in early 2011 and his group will take two wounded soldiers with them who will hopefully achieve the goal of being the first amputees to reach this far flung place – illustrating to us all just how brave and strong these men and women are – not that it was ever in any doubt.  I hope this may inspire you to do something too, however small.  There will be a medal parade for the Light Dragoons regiment at 11am on Friday 4th December through the centre of Dereham.

You can contact Jamie Jamieson on 07717 311377

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