A post free purchase?!

By Ian Harris, chairman of the Norfolk branch of the NAEA, and an agent with Watsons in Norwich. 

RIMG0190I can remember a time when a postal strike would have caused the property market to come to a grinding halt with potential buyers unable to get information about potentially suitable property and lawyers unable to communicate except through the document exchange.  During the current dispute I have noticed little or no change. Today, a combination of e-mail, internet and courier companies mean that the property business can continue pretty much uninterrupted.   For example, the much maligned HIP is usually provided electronically as are agents mailing lists and even the EDP has its online version of the property supplement with all the same content as the printed version which has been a part of Norfolk life ever since I can remember. If we all think about weather we really do need to print all these electronic communications we could be a little kinder to the planet to boot!

*Ian’s at Watsons on 01603 619916.

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