Up your Street – Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor, of Hadley Taylor estate agents in Norwich gives us some historic tales behind some of the city’s famous street names.

Nick Taylor resizedBethel Street – originally known as “Over Newport” or Bedlam Street after the asylum founded for poor lunatics, it was then changed to the much kinder name Bethel – meaning God’s house.

Chalk Hill Road – This historic road means exactly what it says – the road on the chalk hill and it certainly played a major part in the early development of Norwich as a city. The whole area is built of chalk and it is said that some of it was used as lime in the building of the Cathedral. Messers H Thompson and son Chalk Hill Works had extensive tunnels of chalk which were used, many years ago, as stables. Newmans Chalk pit was situated just east of Bishop Bridge and other pits were near Brink Field, near St Mattew’s church, just east of Foundling’s Ferry. Some of the Chalk Hill tunnels were used as air raid shelters in the Second World War.

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