Just what exactly is a bespoke kitchen?

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This month we talk to Bryan Turner, a well known name in the Norfolk Kitchen Industry and owner of Bryan Turner Furniture in Wymondham

A Bryan Turner pink kitchen

Bryan, how long have you been a furniture maker?
I have been making fine bespoke furniture in Norfolk for more than 33 years and I learnt my trade in antique restoration where I developed a keen eye for proportions and design detail.  The challenge of designing and making furniture for kitchens began for me in 1980 and this developed into a passion that is still with me today.

What is a bespoke kitchen?
This term is often misunderstood and incorrectly claimed by some other kitchen companies. A truly bespoke kitchen will be designed and made from scratch to suit its unique purpose, and not from a range of furniture designs, fixed size cabinets, mouldings and components. There should be no predetermined limits to height, width and depth of cupboards except where an appliance is to be incorporated. There should be no ‘cutting down’ of ‘standard’ cabinets to suit a design and no ‘in-fill’ panels or strips of wood to make up a gap.

What’s the process for buying your dream kitchen?
Kitchens are about cooking and we believe in creating rooms for this purpose, not just selling kitchens. That’s why at first we would want to come out to meet you to discuss your requirements, and we don’t charge for this service. It is essential for us to listen to you to get an understanding of how you and your family live and work; what your vision is, and how we could develop this vision into reality. After this initial visit we would put together a no-obligation design and quotation which we believe would give you a room that best matches your home and lifestyle. Once you are happy with everything we will appoint a project manager who will manage all aspects of building and installing your dream kitchen.

How can people contact you and see other work you have done?

Bryan Turner Furniture, Bespoke Kitchens, 1&2 Fitzmaurice Court, Station Road, Wymondham
Norfolk, NR18 0NN. 01953 601 567

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