Will HIPs be scrapped?

In a return to his series on HIPs, specialist DAVID PETT gives his answer to a question many people are asking:

db_02_David_Pett.jpgWill HIPs be ‘scrapped’ if the Conservatives win the General Election?

The Conservative party has made no pretence about its desire to ‘scrap’ HIPs should, as is likely, it gain power in spring of next year.  I start with recording below an e-mail which was recently forwarded to me in response to a letter sent by a DEA to the Conservative Leader’s office:

David Cameron has passed your email onto Grant as the Shadow Housing Minister and he in turn has asked me to get back to you with his thoughts.

Governing means deciding and we’ve always been very clear about HIPs and voted against them from the outset. It’s not therefore that surprising that we will abolish them.

I fully appreciate how difficult this is for you and share your anger about the money you and others have spent on training. I believe that this government has led you up a garden path by introducing a needlessly bureaucratic, expensive and largely pointless piece of legislation and I have every sympathy for someone in your position. However, it does seem to me that the people to blame are the ones currently in power. We have been consistent in our intentions and have warned the market place that HIPs didn’t enjoy our support throughout.

We will of course look at ways to ease the transition for those who are already trained or training as HIPs inspectors, but we will not be keeping the current system.

This clearly leaves one in doubt where the Party’ policy currently stands.  Indeed, it mirrors what was said to me at a meeting I attended earlier in the year with the Party’s Shadow Housing Minister, Grant Shapps.  He made it clear HIPs were to go but the EPC would be saved though it would not be required before the property is marketed.

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