My First House – Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor resizedBy Nick Taylor, of Hadley Taylor

I bought my first property in 1984. It was a purpose built one bedroom flat in Sussex which was just about big enough to swing a cat in. I pushed myself financially to buy it because this was in the days before the introduction of the bank of mum and dad. Once I had exchanged contracts I realised I had no money to furnish the place so my mother gave me my bed from home, I bought a second hand electric cooker and I had a deck chair in the living room. But I was happy because I was living independently in my own home. Once I could afford it I orded myself a new three piece suite but when it arrived I had to take the sofa to pieces to get it through the front door. When I sold the flat at a modest profit 6 months later I included the sofa.

Nick’s on 01603 250248.

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