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A week in the life of private buying consultant for Bidwells in Norwich, Jamie Jamieson.

JJA house I am looking at in west Norfolk – as a possible relocation for a family of six – has wonderful bridleways on the accompanying land that lead to the local village.  This is all well and good but I am always slightly wary of possible issues arising between the homeowner and those who believe they have a right of way.

Just such an issue was highlighted in the national press recently concerning a 12 year dispute which had arisen between a landowner and rights of way groups over his diversion of the bridleway. The owner believed the path must be diverted to allow a multi million pound renovation project on the property, his opponents were adamant that the new route “extinguishes part of our heritage – the route having been enjoyed by walkers for centuries”.  Planning inspectors have been involved and also DEFRA in trying to resolve the issue.  I shall undertake extensive research on this matter before we begin any negotiations in west Norfolk, although the family have seen pictures of the house and have virtually fallen in love with it already!

Buying a house can be an extremely emotive procedure – and it is hard not to let your heart run away with your head when you first see what you think may be the house of your dreams.  I previously mentioned the number of people who have contacted me since the summer wanting to buy second/holiday properties in the county and many are looking to the coast.   Some houses near to a beach can retain an element of privacy as there is no right to cross private land to gain access to a beach – and no legal right of access to the foreshore – so in those cases there would be no problems with walkers invading your privacy.  Having said that, around three quarters of the coastline is accessible to the public – so everyone should be happy!

You can contact  Jamie Jamieson on 07717 311377.

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