How clean is your house?!

By: Mike White of Martin & Co Lettings

Not only how clean is your house but how well decorated is it and how well presented? Kitchen sink (stainless steel) small

I have been reading the articles by Collette Hanlon of Home Stagers in the Norwich EDP and Evening News and how she articulates well the need for “presentation and promotion” when trying to sell a house and it is absolutely no different when seeking to let your property. If nothing else, the last two years have shown us that it is most definitely a tenants market! Rents have gone down and tenant requirements have gone up. Tenants are now demanding (and getting) high quality accommodation in spick and span condition for quite reasonable rents. They want (and why not) the same comforts as landlords have in their own homes.

So – keep the decorations and carpets neutral in colour, particularly in an unfurnished property as your tenants will want a blank canvas with which to use their furnishings to make a home. The outside including the garden should be in ship shape condition; there’s nothing worse for a viewer if they turn up and see flaking paint and an overgrown garden; they get a negative impression straight off. To use that awful Americanism, the property must have “Kerbside Appeal!”

Every landlord wants their tenants to look after the property and leave it in good condition when they leave.  So think about the sort of people who are prepared to take a tenancy of a property in a tatty state – if they’re not bothered about moving into something grotty, they’re hardly likely to be motivated to look after it. I know this all sound pretty obvious but I can’t tell you the number of, frankly, dumps that I’m asked to appraise. Yes, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I still find it hard to have to say to a landlord, “sorry, we can’t take your property on” but what’s the point, if we take it on and don’t let it, the landlord will blame us instead of addressing the real problem.

At Martin & Co, we have the philosophy; the better your property is, the quicker it will let, the better quality tenants you’ll get, the higher the rent, the better they’ll look after it and the better it’ll be returned to you.

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