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Collette Hanlon cutHome Stagers – by Collette Hanlon

One of the key considerations in staging a property for sale is to consider your target market. I recently staged a contemporary apartment which was part of a beautiful Georgian conversion. Previously the developer had attempted to present the property with a sad collection of second hand furniture, and to put it politely, the result was less than appealing! To put it bluntly it simply did not hit the desirability button. The estate agent was having an extremely difficult time trying to get potential buyers to see beyond this. However, the developer had paid such fantastic attention to getting the detail and the finishes right in this project he simply didn’t understand why his potential buyers could not see this. The irony was that his half hearted attempt had totally lost the potential to market and appeal directly at his target market. With a modest budget Home Stagers then created a fantastic new look aimed to attract maximum viewings by appealing to the broadest target market, thus giving the developer and the agent the opportunity to market the property with new and creative techniques.

If you are trying to sell your home and have not attracted a buyer have you or your agent considered that it might not be just down to price but just as much about “Presentation and Promotion” – my advice is don’t wait a minute longer – either ask your ask your estate agent for advice or call me –you have nothing to lose and everything to gain as aiming to hit your target market could make the difference, as many of our sellers have found to their benefit!

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