Want a dream home? Head for the Caribbean!

nirvanaBy Chris Hall, local estate agency who also specialises in overseas property.

Whilst we are all aware of the media’s doom and gloom I suppose it’s not surprising to discover how the majority of people I speak to would like to buy a home overseas right now and many of them say they would like to permanently move to their overseas dream home! It is said that for every borrower there now are six savers and those savers have seen the returns on their money dwindle to virtually zero over the last 12 months.

With both these thoughts in mind more and more people are looking again at what the overseas property market has to offer.  So, why buy in the Caribbean? The answer to this question is simple: the Caribbean is synonymous with luxury. It is many people’s dream to holiday in those exquisite islands – to be able to buy your very own piece of such tropical paradise has to now been pure fantasy.

It has to be said that the Caribbean islands offer amazing landscapes, fantastic weather and a laid-back lifestyle that all help to entice buyers who are fortunate enough to be able afford to get on the Caribbean property ladder. And tax-free living, which many islands offer, is no small attraction either.

English is widely spoken, flights from the UK are frequent and political stability tends to be good. Tourist infrastructure, including golf courses and marinas, are good quality and mature – resulting in plenty of repeat business. Ultimately, a home in the Caribbean is a lifestyle choice. Whether you intend to enjoy this lifestyle yourself, or plan to profit from others enjoying it, a property on one of these islands is the doorway to the playground of the rich and famous.

*Chris is on 01603 700007 or email enquiries@mycaribbeanhome.co.uk

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