Opportunity knocks in the current housing climate

AK_4_GILES_HART.JPGGiles Hart, senior area director of William H Brown, based in Norwich, is feeling optimistic. He says:

Optimism amongst home-movers continues to grow as we have seen a sustained strong level of viewings for much of 2009.  This viewing activity is also backed up by many reports of increased sales and positive house price reports from many financial institutions that publish such reports that are strongly reported in the media.

But what does that mean to the home-mover in Norfolk who has been thinking about selling or buying for some time?

Many agents and customers that we speak to believe that 2009 is still the year where ‘Opportunity Knocks’ for those that are looking to move up the property ladder or make long term investment in bricks and mortar. The pace in which we witnessed the market draw back during the ‘crunch’ was harder and quicker than ever before. With the continued great interest in property locally and an economy where we have not reported vast losses of employment, many believe that we will experience a HOT SPOT and without a strong supply of new or good second hand housing available, property is more affordable and demand will drive prices forward once again.

Many homes are still 20 pc cheaper than they were in mid 2007, mortgage deals are becoming attractive, and we have been inundated with enquiries regarding an exclusive fixed rate we have been marketing recently.

So to be confident about moving this year, book a free market appraisal of your home and look at the comparable evidence from actual sales that are happening now, not what is For Sale. Seek advice from a Mortgage Consultant who will carry out a financial moving health check. Make sure the mortgage you want is available to you prior to spending £’s on a Home Information Pack. View some homes that are in your price range and get a feel for what you can buy.

If when you have done this you feel comfortable and confident about a move, then there may not be a better chance then to climb the ladder than 2009! Happy house hunting!

*Giles Hart is at William H Brown on 01603 760044.

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