Preparing for auction

By Peter Hornor, auctioneer and chartered surveyor with Brown & Co.

Marketing Advice

When we are invited to inspect a

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property we provide a realistic assessment of value, dependant of course on vendors objectives. When we are instructed we then move onto the next phase and process everything.

Auction Particulars

Description – Whether the property is a cottage, farmhouse, terraced house or building land, a good honest description will assist buyers. Very often properties require some sort of renovation and improvement and it is important to be quite clear about what works need to be done so as not to misrepresent things. We always include information about the location together with the Home Information Pack and Ordnance Survey plans as well.

Quality Photographs – Very important. The property must be shown in its best light and equally if it is falling down it needs to be seen to be in need of improvement!

Planning Issues – Planning issues need to be investigated and in particular if there are Listed Buildings, Tree preservation orders and planning permissions that are relevant these need to be stated clearly.

Realistic Guide Price

If you decide to sell at auction you need to set a realistic guide with a view to generating early interest and then hopefully achieving a premium price. This is a vital part of the procedure and needs to be done in conjunction with the vendor.


Solicitors need to be involved early on and prepare special conditions of sale and liaise regarding preparation of the HIP as well.

Advertising Campaign

It is then a matter of finalising the advertising campaign and dealing with dates for viewings and finalising the catalogue.

Once this is all done it is time to let the marketing take over and with a good advertising campaign, website representation and a very clear approach to everything we have shown that there is every reason to be optimistic about being successful.

bs_01_peter_hornor.jpg*Peter Hornor’s on 01603 598238.

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