Dreams of living in a glass pyramid by Gilson Bailey’s Simon Nisbet

Meet the Agent

simon nisbet

Your name: Simon Nisbet

Your agency: Gilson Bailey

Where does your agency sit in the local market? Gilson Bailey, over the last 13 years of trading, has attracted a wide selection of property from studio flats to country homes.

What is your opinion of the local market? The local market to date is fantastic with plenty of good quality purchasers including first time buyers eager to get on the property ladder, investment buyers enjoying better returns with the lowest interest rates for years, and of course those people who sold at the height of the market now returning to hopefully pick up a bargain.

What do you think could be done to improve it? As agents we all have to be responsible; it is imperative to keep our heads and not over price in a market that is showing good signs of recovery.

What is your opinion on the scrapping of first day marketing? As far as first day marketing goes or not as the case is, this is creating many problems for sellers who have found their dream home when all they want to do is get their property on the market as soon as possible. Instead they are getting completely frustrated by the delay and as the market improves, many may lose these dream homes having wasted considerable time and money. Personally, I don’t think this is in the consumer’s interest as it not only slows the process down when a HIP is meant to speed up the selling of your home but often includes duplicated costs. It needs to change and fast!

Where is your ideal home? I would ideally like to live in

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a glass pyramid in some woodland reflecting water.

What are the virtues of the NDAEA? It is basically a sign of a quality agent who is far more regulated than those who aren’t members; we have our promise and every member has to agree to those principles. All member agents can also rest assured that when it comes to the crunch, they can work as a team – you have that agreement between yourselves working within the same guidelines. You can call on one another in times of difficulty.

You can contact Simon Nisbet at Gilson Bailey on 01603 764444.

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