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Jamie Jamieson, Bidwells' private buying consultantA week in the life of private buying consultant for Bidwells, Jamie Jamieson

I caught a glimpse of a re-run of ‘The Good Life’ on television the other day and it made me smile as this seemed to be the first of many programmes featuring the desire to get back to nature and live ‘off the land’ to some degree!  They only had their suburban back garden to experiment with but many of my clients long to relocate to Norfolk and live in a home that has extensive land or gardens so they can ‘Tom and Barbara’ to their hearts content – without being troubled by any ‘Jerry and Margots next door!  I am lucky in my job that I often hear about some amazing properties becoming available before they have been put on the market – so I can be one step ahead in finding my clients their perfect home – and always enjoy ‘doing my homework’ – finding out any potential pitfalls as well as the benefits of certain places.  Many clients love the idea of living on a farm – whether it is still ‘working’ or not – there may be a tenant farmer who farms the land adjoining a property but no longer lives in the house or the farm itself has been put on the market.  One thing to consider is the cost of any surrounding land – bare agricultural land is sold by the acre and is cheaper than land which has the benefit of planning permission for residential use. If a client is interested in buying a farmhouse and adjacent land from a farmer to use as additional garden or as a paddock perhaps, the main issue will be planning permission to change the use from agricultural to residential.  I viewed a beautiful 18th century farmhouse last week with a working farm yard near to the house – the cattleman was shifting bales of hay on a tractor that made a loud beeping noise as it drove along – “What time do you feed the cows in the morning out of interest?” I asked – “Five o’clock on the dot – every morning!” he replied as he beeped off across the yard.  Some people quite like an early start I believe – but that particular morning wake-up call may be a little on the early side for some!

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