Respect your tenants

As a Landlord or Managing Agent you always want to ensure that you get the best tenants possible. They should pay their rent on time, treat the property like it was their own and maintain it like it belonged to their parents! Surely this is just how it should be, no?

Of course this is how it SHOULD be, but how was the flat presented when your last tenants moved in? This is a vital point in the start of your relationship and it sets the standard for how the relationship will develop.

If tenants move in to a flat and the freezer is full of ice, the windows and curtains are dirty, the kitchen cabinets are greasy and half the lightbulbs aren’t working- what does this say about your respect for your new tenants? Having been referenced a tenant has no idea what YOU are going to be like- surprise them (in a good way).

The happiest Landlords/Agents I know are those that ensure their flats are always presented in excellent condition. They are repainted very 1-3 years and are always ready for occupancy with everything working and spotlessly clean. Some even leave a welcome bottle of wine or chocolates!  The tenants move in happy, often surprised and feeling respected and (providing you have a professional inventory in place) you can demand that this is how the flat is returned. It’s a win/win situation.

If you are not sure, ask someone. Have a friend or family member visit the flat and see what they say or imagine your child/parent/best friend was about to move in- would you be happy? The start of your relationship with a tenant is vital and casts a lasting impression- so make sure it is a good one.

Kristjan Byfield of Base Property Services

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