Kids have broken up!

Finally the kids have broken up for the summer holidays and its around this time that we realise, with all the family at home for this extended period,  that they need larger accommodation or a bigger garden. Well now could be the time to consider your next move!!

Over recent weeks the supply of properties in to the market has increased allowing buyers far more choice when looking for their next home.
This has also allowed house prices to settle down again and keep them to a “sensible level” rather than some of the larger increases already seen this year.

Its fair to say that there is still an element of uncertainty within the economy, but when it comes to accommodating ones family this to many people takes priority. With enough deposit or existing equity in your home, mortgage rates are still very competitive, making this a great time to secure your future home.

Finally there are a high level of investors once again looking to purchase properties as they are returning very little on interest from the banks and with prices settling down again rental returns are looking very attractive.

Enjoy the holidays !

Paul Mather, Mather Marshall Stevenage

Paul Mather, Mather Marshall Stevenage

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