Good weather has encouraged sellers

Although the wet weather is forecast to return in the near future. The amazing summer weather we have experienced of late hasn’t done anything to dampen the spirits of potential home buyers and sellers.

In fact it would appear completely the opposite has happened, we seem to be experiencing a higher level of applicants registering as well as a larger number of offers being made.
We all see images of packed beaches and traffic jams in the papers and on the news channels as people flock to the coasts around Britain, to make the most of their hard earned weekend break. Sometimes freak summer spells can have a slight impact although I have found over the last few weeks as the good weather has been consistent it would appear not to have effected activity.

I have always worked on the basis that true buyers and sellers have to move regardless of outside influences such as the weather or indeed the world cup.

There are many reasons why people move, and on the whole these reasons incorporate a particular time restraint such as getting children into a school in time for the new term etc.

In fact it feels as though the good weather has encouraged sellers, as we all know selling a home when the evenings are light and the garden is in full bloom really shows the property of at its best.

Long may this up turn in activity continue as the housing market has a huge impact on helping to improve our economy.

Chris Hardy, Branch Manager, Taylors Hitchin

Chris Hardy, Branch Manager, Taylors Hitchin

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