Are you achieving as much a possible?

We are seeing booming demand for good quality rental properties as some buyers defer purchasing homes amid continued uncertainty over UK house prices.

The result of this boom is that the local lettings market is showing even more activity and fast rising rents in certain areas, as strong competition amongst potential tenants bids up prices. This is now is a great time for landlords to capitalise.

Based on this fast-paced market, providing properties are valued accurately and presented to a high standard we have found that tenants are happy to commit for longer term contracts, so you may be able to secure a quality tenant for much longer than you realise!

Your managing agent should advise you on all aspects of the process, from tenancy agreements, contract lengths, inventories, how to maximise your return and of course guide you through the legislative minefield that is lettings.

We have a dedicated team of lettings specialists who can advise you on exactly how to get the most from your investment.

Jonathon Mason, Belvoir, Hitchin

Jonathon Mason, Belvoir, Hitchin

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