The property market is on the move

It’s not every day you see a picture of a fantastic chicken in the property part of the newspaper. His name is Dave and is sadly missed.

He was a personalised gift for one of our lovely vendors who recently sold through us and who own several chickens (reason behind the whole chicken theme). I have since been informed that Dave is doing well, living in his new home by the sea.
Created by Mather Marshall, loved by all.

It’s nice to see the sun out with his hat on; it makes all the difference when you’re looking for that perfect home or selling your present one. So whatever your reason is for moving, probably now is the time.

We have continued to see a stronger property market grow over the last few months. This has been helped by the government abolishing Home Information Packs recently.

The sun is shining, birds are singing, the world cup has started and the property market is on the move, so why not make it your goal to move in 2010.


Laura Estrada, Mather Marshall Village Homes

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