The election has passed, HIPS are history and the sun is shinning, day to day life is returning to normal.

Investors are dipping their toes back into the water – and with good reason! If your fortunate enough to have a few quid in the bank it will not have gone unnoticed that there is no interest to be earned at present, a purchase of a one bedroom flat in Stevenage can produce a gross return of 6.3% on current purchase prices and in addition provide an excellent opportunity for future capital growth.

Property over the long term proves to be a successful investment strategy as we live in a highly populated country with little land available for future development, this also underpins the demand.

Interested, there’s plenty to consider, give me a call and lets discuss your priorities, risk factors and tax position to determine whether this is the appropriate strategy for you.


Ben South, Chandlers Estates

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