Half way through the year already!

Mark Shearing, Putterills of Hertfordshire

I can’t believe we are half way through the year already, and what a first half its been !
Confidence has improved and the volume of sales are up. HIPs have been scrapped and last weeks emergency budget hasn’t frightened off investment buyers as some had feared.
The local housing market continues to build on firm foundations with continued steady demand despite some caution over the economy.

So what about the second half?

 Well a lack of supply is keeping buyers alert and the scrapping of HIPs is slowly encouraging more tentative sellers to the market. Despite continued reluctance by some mortgage lenders, availability of mortgages is now starting to ease.
So combine gradually increasing confidence, improvements in the supply of new property to the market and the strength of the lettings market continuing to bring in investment buyers the next few months look stable and safe.
We don’t expect any significant rises in prices but a continuing rise in the level of sales as good old fashioned home buyers invest in good old fashioned bricks and mortar.
Mark Shearing, Putterills of Hertfordshire

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