Fantastic news for home sellers with the suspension of HIPS!

I am sure most home sellers are relieved with the suspension of HIPs, which in turn will lead to a frenzy of properties coming to the market; meaning more choice for buyers and more competition for sellers. Countrywide have released a PERFECT LAUNCH package designed to make home sellers stand out from the crowd and be compliant by encompassing an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) into the package to ensure that their clients stay one step ahead, in addition to the UK largest open house weekend, this weekend.

It is exciting times for the market with the change of government and also many reports of how prices increasing and more mortgages being written.

My advice to sellers is to stand out from the competition, price is still very much the key to successful selling. Look at your competitors and ensure that you are either offering more for the same money, or the same for less money.

The summer promises to be a busy time for buyers and sellers so take advantage of the surge of buyers and the choice of properties.

David Garofalo. Branch Manager, Wilson Peacock Letchworth

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