Goodbye to HIP’s! Home Information Packs suspended!

Probably one of the most pointless pieces of legislation in recent years has gone (well, suspended for the time being) and will certainly not be missed by the vast majority of people involved with them.

For vendors they provided an unwelcome cost and delay, and as for buyers, they have shown little or no interest in them from the outset. I can safely say that throughout their existence we at Davies Beech received only a very few requests for a copy of the HIP from potential buyers.
What now?  Well apart from the EPC, which is still required, vendors can market their property as soon as they wish and with the market showing further signs of improved activity, now is the time to think seriously about coming to the market before the expected summer slowdown.

As for the future, most people feel that we will have to tighten our financial belts over the next couple of years which is bound to affect the property market.  As a local agent for almost 30 years (yes I must have done something dreadful in a previous life), I have seen a constantly changing property market with dramatic price fluctuations and supposed major changes to the way we buy and sell our homes.

Over the years we have experienced corporate intervention from banks, building societies and insurance companies which came and in the most part went, large retailers flirted with in-house estate agencies and of course the world wide web and similar technological tools have had a massive impact on the way we search for property.  The one thing that seems to have remained constant is that the traditional estate agents’ office providing experience and local knowledge has and will continue to provide the most effective service to property sellers and buyers whatever the prevailing conditions in the housing market.

Richard Davies – Davies Beech

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