10 Useful ways to prepare your property for the market

Stuart Carnegie, Carnegie & Associates

When selling your property it is important to achieve the best possible price.

Below is a list we have compiled of 10 useful, inexpensive ways to prepare your property for going on the market.
1. Eliminate clutter – put away small items and organise  cupboards.
2. Keep the property warm (especially when empty).
3. Make the entrance inviting.
4. Fill Cracks, re-paint and attend to any damp.
5. Create space by removing excess furniture.
6. Expose desirable features – fireplaces, etc.
7. Brighten it up, light colours create a feeling of light and space.
8. Create a comfortable environment with flowers, fresh bread etc.
9. Work on your kerb appeal, front door, driveway etc.
10. Keep your garden in order – paths weed free etc.

Stuart Carnegie, Carnegie & Associates

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